Earlier, a patient would travel all the way to a doctor’s clinic or a hospital for medical consultation or check-ups. That was a very time-consuming process. Also, there was always a risk of some disease or the other from spreading. But if you look around the healthcare industry now, did you notice the massive change? Nowadays, you can quickly contact a doctor through your smartphone! There are so many telehealth and telemedicine applications available to us. Not just that! Technology has improved itself so much that a doctor can measure your vitals from his clinic while you sit at your home conveniently. All of this is possible because of remote patient monitoring systems! Remote patient monitoring, generally abbreviated as RPM, is a variant of telehealth. It is a process through which doctors or physicians are able to observe and check up on their patients from a far distance with the help of technology. Basically, a doctor remains at his office or clinic, and a patient stays at his home. And through modern-day technologies, they are able to maintain a virtual connection with one another. Is this not such a beneficial thing for us? For more details click on the link.